The flower book collection
Cover design
11.5 x 15.5 cm
offset Printing and metallic

The collection of flower consisted of 40 books, each book also included 40 speeches of scientist of Islamic religion which related to specific issue. Regarding to the subject of the book' text, the title of the book, has been selected. With the help of the publisher, we have attempted to determine the title of the book, as short as possible to be seen better and due to the book differentiation. I have designed the book cover with inspiration of Golzar calligraphy or better to say, color-writing related to the calligraphy in Qajar period. I have invited a gilding artist to help me in this project. He has designed a distinct paintings plant and denotative for each body of the letters distinctly. Due to the modern and different appearance, and also having been suitable for any placement of decorative paintings, the words are a bit bold and also redesigned. The title of the book was as bigger as possible, due to the pretty small segment of books small and every kinds of information have been transferred to the end of the book. Usage of the color and form except typography title has been minimized. The printing of book title has been on the white cartoon and metallic (silver press).
This collection has been in 20 volumes in the year before printing this cover. The volume of the book has been become twice and it have been published several times, in the next years.