The contemporary poem book collection
Book cover design
11.5 x 16.5 cm
Offset printing

The collection of contemporary poem is one of the Sepideh Bavaran Publishing group, some of good_thinkers and pioneers who compose classic poetry, were present in this collection. With the form of the song they created, I have presented the idea of considering poetry of these books and frequent stedlal. Typography of books title from figurative calligraphy of Iranian birds with the title of besmellah birds, with usage of Shekaste Nasatliq were done. Then, considering the calligraphy form of the each book, I designed the typography of book in birds title with the variety of books, typography of them were different which cause the collection variety. I have attempted to the balance and to simple contact. The cohesive colors have used with the significance typography used from Iranian colors. Colors gained from this collection have been published and it will be reached to the thirty covers.