Digari Art Gallery and Art Cafe
Visual identity and Interior design

Digari gallery has been established with the aim of change of contemporary arts of Mashhad city and assistance of avant-garde artists in January 2017. The designing of the visual identity have been planned to be in the convenient form and in the beauty of folklore also with modern contact. I have used calligraphy and shekasteh Nastaliq in typography of tithe of gallery, in order to have a beautiful and different display in the persian title of gallery. Deformation and changes in the body of writing and replacement of middle parts of the writing has brought a difference the logo type.

* The manager of the gallery, have spoken with me about the designing of the comprehensive visual identity, in July 2017. It was planned or me to become the art director of this gallery after designing of visual identity, but after one month, the designing and supervising on the project of rebuilding the desolate, in order to create the gallery, interior designing and also the designing of the gallery Café have been consigned to me.