Ferdowsi Solar Calendar
Cover design
17.5x21.5 cm
Offset printing

The cover of the solar calendar has been ordered by the Ferdowsi foundation to be in different from the other years. According to the Ferdowsi foundation, the cover had to consist the typography which has an epic soul, and also the image of the Ferdowsi. I did the typography by the Ferdowsi timepiece title on the cover, with the inspiration of metallic instruments of saljoughi to the Qajar era, I have designed the typography for cover, reference information and the back cover. I used the copper sheet, and pressed it on the cover for designing. The geometrical redesigning of the nastaliq writing, the composition of decorative forms of metallic instruments in Qajar era, and also the copper press on the black and white photo of the Ferdowsi sculpture, have given the timepiece the epic quality and feeling.