Catalogue of the photo festival Birjand in Iran frame (2)
Book design
15.5 x 22 cm
436 pages
Offset printing with open binding

This book, have been included 180 pieces of images which have been chosen for printing in the catalogue. According to the analyzing of different catalogue, typically the normal size for designing these event in were 29.5x21.5 cm , but the arrangement of the images are defined in the front two pages. My idea for designing this book was, whenever this book be opened, in every two pages, focusing comes to see the only one picture, Then with the selection of 22x15.5 cm, for this book, these dimensions, half and the volume of the book became twice, and also for every two pages, placed on the eyes of the reader, only one frame of image defined. The bookbinding has been open in order to be convenient for opening and using. For the four parts of the catalogue, the black and white dividers and seamless with different qualities, proper to the designing of that part have been chosen. In the pages front to each image, Details from primary divider placed on that pages and each image, so that each page of the book has been distinct from each other. The designing of dividers and layout, provides information of every image in the front pages and other parts of the book. The most of the images have been defined simply in order to be interesting, and the variety and simple consideration with enough necessity have been achieved for the review of the book.